What is Biological Dentistry?

Biological Dentistry focuses on using biocompatible materials that are non-toxic and safe for human consumption. Testing these materials for compatibility before any treatment is administered. Biocompatibility is the interaction between a patient and a medical treatment, evaluating the safety of those treatments, via a blood test that reveals how the patient’s own immune system reacts to a variety of dental materials.

In comparison to what a traditional dentist might do -see a cavity, drill it and fill it-  a biological dentist understands that the mouth and body are connected. Biological dentists have a clear understanding of the harmful effects of dental toxins on overall health, they carefully select materials and procedures to restore and strengthen your immune system, not only your teeth. 

During a consultation, you can expect to have more time spent on patient education, more concern for whole-body wellness and how it relates to oral health and of course, non-toxic materials in all of the procedures. Experiencing a quality dental treatment, that will always guarantee your safety. 

Where can I find a Biological Dentist near me? 

At the Center for Biological Dentistry, Dr. Lagos and his team are committed to optimal dental and overall health. Given that the different materials dentists use to perform some procedures can be toxic and the cause of dental damage. Dr. Lagos is a SMART Certified dentist specializing in the safe removal of toxic materials and he is committed to your health. 

If you’re looking for a safer option for your teeth, we have the perfect choice for you. The Center for Biological Dentistry is located ten minutes after crossing the international border from San Diego, California, a few blocks from the shores of the Pacific Ocean. There you will find a team of dedicated professionals, because your oral health is as vital as any other care.