About Us

Dr. Lagos is IAOMT Certified / IAOMT SMART Certified dentist specializing in the safe removal of mercury and other toxic materials.

The Center for Biological Dentistry is located in Tijuana, Baja California Mexico, after crossing the international border from San Diego, California. We specialize in the safe removal of toxic dental materials and providing safe and biocompatible alternatives to dental health. We provide biological dentistry solutions for less than half of the cost normally quoted in the United States.

Dr. Lagos and his team provide a Total Dental Revision (TDR) utilizing biocompatible materials.

At the Center for Biological Dentistry we are committed to helping you in your efforts to overcome autoimmune disease and environmental sensitivity.

Our mission at the Center for Biological Dentistry is to help restore and strengthen our patients’ immune system and overall health, adhering to the strictest safety procedures while removing toxins and sources of infection in the mouth.

We use the least reactive dental materials to each patient, basing our selection of materials on the results of each patient’s biocompatibility test results. This is especially beneficial to patients who suffer from allergies or autoimmune diseases.