Biological Dentistry

Dr. Ezequiel N. Lagos

At the Center for Biological Dentistry, Dr. Lagos uses only non-toxic dental materials that do not react adversely to the immune system.

Biological Dentistry

Biological Dentistry

Dr. Ezequiel N. Lagos

Biological Dentistry
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Dr. Ezequiel N. Lagos received his D.D.S. degree from Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara in 1983.
After ten years of general dental practice, Dr. Lagos received intensive training under the supervision of Dr. Hal Huggins, a pioneer in the field of biological dentistry. Since then, Dr. Lagos has dedicated his dental practice exclusively to biological dentistry. Currently, he is a member of the Huggins Applied Healing Network.
With thirty years of experience and his gentle dental care, Dr. Lagos has extensive training in the sequential removal of toxic materials during treatment and the prevention of future exposure to them.

I would like to thank you and your staff for the excellent care I received at you clinic. I am very pleased with the final result of my dental revision. My health continues to improve remarkably each day. I suffered for years with chronic pain, and various health problems which caused me to feel unwell most of the time. When I became extremely ill after having an infected root canal extracted, I decided to take steps to remove all the toxic materials I had in my mouth.

I found your website and my healing journey began. Your kind receptionist gave me instructions, patiently answered my questions, and guided me through each step of my treatment plan. She sent me information to arrange for lodging and transportation.

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Linda Krouse

Orange County, CA


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What is Biological Dentistry?


Biological dentistry is an integrative approach to strengthen a person’s immune system by using nontoxic restoration materials. Biological Dentistry takes into account the impact that dental toxins and hidden infections can have on the overall health of a patient.
It has been estimated that at least half of all chronic degenerative illness and some types of cancer can be linked to silver-mercury fillings, allergy producing dental materials, root canals, hidden infections, and the misalignment of the teeth and jaw.

The Center for Biological Dentistry is located ten minutes after crossing the international border from San Diego, California, a few blocks from the shores of the Pacific Ocean.

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Biological Dentist