Huggins Protocol

Huggins Protocol
Huggins Protocol

In Jul 2018


Hello Dr Lagos, you may not remember me/us as it has been so many years ago that you treated us. I am contacting you for two reasons, (1) first to let you know Dora has passed away, but primarily (2) to thank you greatly for taking such good care of Dora back in the year 2000! She had so much dental work to be done for her total revision, it was overwhelming to her and to me! However, you and another surgeon tackled her problems and not only corrected them, but, to us, you and your staff absolutely saved her life there! That gave us another 20 years of healthy living together. I simply cannot thank you enough for the great work you did those many years ago!!

Thank you!!, Dean Carman
Feb 2020

"Dr. Lagos is amazing. I went to see him over a year ago for some extractions and to handle an amalgam leak in my gums that another dentist created. His program makes a very scary thing easy and painless. Not only is he a very skilled dentist, but he follows Dr. Huggins' protocol exactly.

I did a blood test first to make sure that whatever dental materials he was going to use on me are compatible with my body and that my immune system wasn't going to reject it or react badly to it.

Then the visit started with a lymphatic massage to help my body flush out the drugs more rapidly and for my body to be able to cope the pain better. During the conscious sedation, he respected my religious beliefs and spoke only the necessary minimum to communicate what he needed from his assistants. The anesthesiologist was competent and refrained from using drugs that I did not want in my body (we had discussed it before the procedure). I had a vitamin C drip, again, to help my body cope with the drugs and the procedure. The procedure lasted several hours and after the procedure, the massage therapist came back for a post surgical lymphatic massage, again to help my body flush out the drugs.

Dr. Lagos referred me to a local hotel which was within walking distance from his practice. The place was clean, quiet and safe.

Then this year, I brought my daughter to Dr. Lagos. She had several cavities to fill. Dr. Lagos recommended she get it done under conscious sedation. We discussed it and my daughter and I decided for her to get it done only with local anesthetic so that she would avoid having the drugs. Dr. Lagos did not make an issue out of it and respected our choice.

He made it very bearable for my daughter. She was scared as it was the first time she had fillings done. Dr. Lagos allowed me to stay with her the entire time and I could be there to hold her hand and massage her feet to help her relax the whole time. He did a spectacular job with her fillings and used biocompatible materials so that she would not get problems with her immune system in the future (we had the biocompatibility test done prior to the visit).

Dr. Lagos was very kind and gentle with my daughter and made her feel at ease. He answered all her questions and stopped and listened when she had something to say. I am so relieved that she will not have the same traumatic experiences that I had as a kid with dentists. She left Dr. Lagos' office as non-traumatized as a kid can be after a dental procedure.

I have more dental work to get done and I will definitely never have anybody else than Dr. Lagos touch my mouth for dental work in the future.

I recommend Dr. Lagos without reservations. Not only is he competent, but he follows Dr. Huggins' protocol. He is considerably cheaper than dentists in the US. He is used to work with patients from different countries. He is kind and compassionate, gentle and respectful. You know how most dentists have this "I know better than you do" attitude and make you feel bad if you don't agree? It is noticeably absent in Dr. Lagos' manners and approach. Dr. Lagos is SO easy to talk to. He truly listens and respects your choices and makes the best recommendations for the best outcome. He is just such a nice man!

The staff at his office are responsive and answer all questions.

To all my friends: do yourself a favor, spare yourself some pain and future troubles consequent to dental work and go see Dr. Lagos. It's worth the trouble to go to Mexico. Oh and by the way, it's only about 15 minutes drive from the border. Easy to find and also super close to the beach."

Annie Forslund July 2019.

Dr Lagos,

I wanted to thank you again. I have recovered my ability to use cognition and my physical health is becoming robust.

You removed every speck of mercury. (this is rare). I didn't suffer much pain and there was no infection. I work with people going through the amalgam removal process everyday and each day I became more impressed with your skill and integrity.

Thank you for your skill and service. I also want to thank you for leading in the fight against amalgams by doing the right thing.

I now can talk with people again in a fairly normal way. It is wonderful to be part of the human race again.

With Gratitude

Alan Downey

In Feb 2016

I traveled from Utah, USA to Tijuana Mexico to have extensive dental surgery done by Dr. Ezekiel Lagos and his staff. I highly recommend them without any hesitations! From the very first phone call interacting with Adam who handled my phone call to the entire staff who assisted Dr Lagos I was very pleased with my experience.

Dr Lagos and his team were professional in every way! The Dr and his assistants extracted 5 teeth that had had root canal therapy and cleaned up 4 bone cavitation sites. This surgery began a process that has allowed me to regain my health. The IV sedation was very effective. The treatment following surgery included a massage and magnet therapy which I feel helped me heal quickly and with very little pain. Dr Lagos team referred us to a clean, hospitable place to stay where I recovered for 2 days before returning to Utah. The whole process including travel and lodging saved us thousands of dollars and I could not have been more pleased with their service.

November 20, 2016

It's now been almost 3 months since Dr. Lagos performed my cavitation surgery with the full Hal Huggins protocol. I deliberately waited to see how I would heal and what kind of discomfort I would have.

My appointment with Dr. Lagos at the end of Aug. 2016 to have my 4 cavitations cleaned out from all 4 previously extracted wisdom teeth 29 years earlier. He confirmed there was black toxic material inside each one of the tooth sites and cleaned them out. He also replaced 2 fillings, one filling had a crack in it and was a little gray from the mercury that used to be in it.

The surgery was 4 hours long and the only thing I remember from the surgery was when I became more conscious because my sinuses were starting to block my airway. My sinuses were becoming congested in the weeks prior to my surgery so I was prepared with my dōTERRApeppermint essential oil. So, during the surgery, when my sinuses were starting to close up, I woke up and pulled my peppermint bottle out of my pocket. I handed it to Dr. Lagos who opened it and let me take deep breaths through my nose and that was enough for my sinuses to open up and I passed back out again.

After surgery, I received the accupressure and the magnets and some activated charcoal. The only discomfort I felt within the first few days was ever so slight but not more than a 2 on the pain scale. I also has a little bit of knee pain which was a detox from toxicity I experienced years earlier. That only lasted a few days.

I used whole food vitamins and minerals, silver, homeopathy and pure essential oils to prevent any infection...primarily the essential oils. I did not get a bacterial infection and my wounds healed up very nicely. Over the next 3 months, I took a high dose of silica to help rebuild my bone. The only discomfort I experienced after the first few days was 1­2 on pain scale, which was mild ache. That was it. So I highly recommend Dr. Lagos for cavitation surgery and dental restorations. Dr. Lagos will be doing my husband's cavitation surgery and dental revision and I will be going back to have the rest of my fillings replaced with biocompatible materials.

Thank you Dr. Lagos and your whole staff,

Alicia B.

New York

I am not sure how I can adequately thanks Dr Lagos and his entire staff for how they have changed my life for the better. When I first contacted him in the summer of 2015 I had exhausted every medical avenue I could think of in my search for treatment for my illness.

I had begun having symptoms at 19 and I was 45 when I contacted him. Diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia I had tried to get relief thru doctors, naturalpaths, and even my neurologist told me it was just a matter of pain management for the rest of my life. I couldn’t imagine the pain I was experiencing to be my future for 25 or more years. I had over 20 years behind me and I was beyond done my fight.

I had the blood test done through his recommended facility and found out that I was highly reactive to so many things in mainstream dental practice. The Gutta percha, the cleaning paste, the sealants and even the porcelain that was used in my dental work. I had a mouth full of root canals except for three teeth. A friend of mine works in a dental office in my area and she was floored with how many substances I was reactive to.

Needless to say, after consultation with him and much prayer, I opted to have all my teeth removed and get dentures. It hasn’t been easy and I am no quite a year into my healing process, but I can tell you he literally saved my life. Modern medicine had pumped me full of narcotics and pain meds and it doped me up beyond belief. After my surgery I am only getting better every day. I know that I will never be 100 percent because of the nerve damage done to my head and neck, but I am completely off all my medicines and saving over 800.00 a month by doing so. I know that without him I would still be house bound unable to have a normal life and be missing out on my family.

I cannot stress enough how wonderful the clinic is and how much they really care for the wellbeing of their patients. You must do as much of the protocol as you can as I firmly believe that my success was because I did everything he asked me to, know matter how much it cost. The vitamins, the blood test and such. I do not hesitate to recommend him for any biological treatment you need. You will not receive this kind of treatment in Canada where I live.

Tonya Bartley, 2016

April 6, 2015

Dear Dr. Lagos

I would like to thank you and your staff for the excellent care I received at you clinic. I am very pleased with the final result of my dental revision. My health continues to improve remarkably each day. I suffered for years with chronic pain, and various health problems which caused me to feel unwell most of the time. When I became extremely ill after having an infected root canal extracted, I decided to take steps to remove all the toxic materials I had in my mouth. I found your website and my healing journey began. Your kind receptionist gave me instructions, patiently answered my questions, and guided me through each step of my treatment plan. She sent me information to arrange for lodging and transportation.

When I arrived at your office and met you for my first appointment, I felt at ease and knew I made the right decision to come to your clinic. Your staff is professional and well trained. All the techniques you use and your skills are quite amazing. I did not expect to have so much dental work done without pain, discomfort or swelling. I am so grateful for having had this experience and hopeful for all the others who will be so fortunate to experience better health in you care.

Please feel free to share my email address with anyone who is considering treatment, or may be in need of encouragement.

Blessings to you and your staff,
Linda Krouse
Orange County, CA

One chip came out or one of the new fillings but it was bound to happen due to the position of the filling and it would have probably happened regardless of the dentinst.

So, Yeah, big thumbs up for Dr. Lagos. I wished there were more dentists like him out there in this world.

A Haessner

Once I came out of the conscious sedation, I asked Dr. Lagos how long I had been away as it had felt like 5 minutes and I hadn’t even heard a drill or felt anything. To my surprise he answered “5 hours”.

Straight after the treatment I was given acupressure on my face for about 30 minutes and then was picked up, slightly groggy, by the taxi to head back to the bed & breakfast.

Both days of amalgam removal I felt really great after the treatment and enjoyed a sunset beach walk every night.

The day of the tooth removal, it turned out that Dr. Lagos had additional time so that my husband could get a tooth removed as well, which had been bothering him.

So both of us sat afterwards with some vitality magnets taped to our cheeks and shared the experience of only being able to have smoothies and soups watching the sunset. But also neither of us had to ever take a pain killer. We think it must have been the acupressure and the magnets, which reduced swelling and helped the healing so much so that there was only little discomfort even after dental surgery.

I have to admit the whole treatment was more like some sort of holiday with me being asleep on the dental chair for 3 days in a row. And the only thing that I remember ever hurt in the whole treatment was the prick of the needle for the IV Vitamin C and sedation.

Although this conscious sedation was the most expensive part of the whole treatment, it was worth every cent. It’s such high quality sedation, it’s non toxic and the grogginess afterwards wears off quickly. I wished I could always have it at any dental appointment anywhere.

The last check-up day Dr. Lagos fitted us with temporary partials and our shuttle driver took us back across the border to San Diego, where we spent another day exploring the city’s most exquisite vegetarian restaurants (chewing was a little awkward), before we boarded our plane back home.

We were most impressed with Dr. Lagos though, who is a very generous and humble man with a good sense of humour. He is a very accommodating person and just by watching him work, you can tell he loves his job and loves helping people. And that is very hard to find nowadays.

Back home I have been to another dentist to make sure everything is healing fine and he commented that Dr. Lagos had done a very nice job.

October 5, 2015

I found out about Dr. Lagos through Hal Higgins’s in Colorado Springs. After lengthy research into the matter, I had decided to do the full Hal Huggins Amalgam removal protocol and decided to contact Dr. Lagos, who had been personally trained by him.

A few emails with the friendly and very helpful staff of Dr. Lagos and the many good reviews that people had written about him on his website, helped me to make the decision to undertake this long distance overseas trip.

I had contacted a few other dentists in the process of deciding, but found the helpfulness and clear communication with Dr. Lagos and his team outstanding.

Of course I felt a little apprehensive about the whole trip as I had never been to Mexico and really didn’t know what to expect, nor did I know if the dentist would be as good as the reviews stated.

We decided last minute that my husband would come with me as a support person. But I have to say in hindsight that, although it was super awesome that I had someone to share the trip with, I would have been totally fine to do the trip alone as Dr. Lagos and his staff were so supportive and caring and the treatment was less intense than I thought.

We booked a place (Casa Farolito) that had been recommended on Dr. Lagos’s website and used their shuttle driver to pick us up from San Diego Airport to cross over to Mexico.

Both the Bed & Breakfast and the shuttle driver were extremely friendly and trustworthy.

After a couple of days of settling in I had my first appointment on a Monday morning. My whole treatment consisted of two days of 9 Amalgam fillings in total to be removed and replaced and one day of 2 root-canaled teeth to be removed. Each day the treatment was aroud 5-6 hours.

The last day was a check-up, which was just a one-hour appointment.

After an examination and discussion of what Dr. Lagos was going to do on the Monday morning, I was given conscious sedation through a line in my arm, which stayed there for the next three days and never hurt even a bit.

October 3, 2012

I grew up in former Czechoslovakia. When I was about 8 years old, I started seeing a school dentist. He found cavities in my teeth. Without any painkiller like novocaine he would drill a decently deep whole into my tooth, remove the cavity and fill it up with amalgam. When I reached my 18 years, I had about 8 different amalgam fillings in my mouth, all done without any novocaine which is for some people unimaginable

As a young adult, I would visit a dentist maybe once in two years for various reasons, but mainly because my old fillings were not good enough anymore, or I had more cavities. One dentist in Prague had put in my mouth cement-like-looking fillings that were a mixture of amalgam and white composites. Of course, during any procedure of removing amalgam fillings, they used no safe procedures, nor did they inform me about potential harm effects of mercury leakage. On the contrary, they assured me that there is absolutely no evidence that amalgam fillings are harmful.

I got used to taste of the heavy metal in my mouth, not knowing it was most probably mercury residue. I started having various body problems including arthritis at the age of 27.

I was very lucky to find my current dentist Dr. Ezequiel Lagos, through my mother-in-law couple of years ago. He not only uses the safest method for amalgam removal, the Huggins protocol, but he also truly cares about his patient’s health and applies only safe methods and biological far-less toxic materials in his procedures. He educated us about the side effects of heavy metals in the body, especially mercury, and through him I have learnt so much about Dr. Huggins and others that researched this subject thoroughly.

My last amalgam filling was removed in May 2012. Now, one month later I can still feel and taste heavy metals coming out of my mouth. If your doctor ever told you not to worry about mercury poisoning, and even if your tests show no mercury poisoning, I would still recommend reading about the side effects of mercury poisoning because it is one of the most toxic metals to a human body.

My body is flushing out this heavy metal, and with every single day, I feel better, more alive, and less toxic. My body is capable of losing fat, cellulite, and regain healthy skin and tissues.

I recommend you visit Dr. Lagos and consult with him your next dental procedure, especially if you are planning on putting any metal in your mouth, like in implants, etc.

Thank you!

Eve Oman
Los Angeles, California

August 23, 2010
Dear Dr. Lagos and Associates,

I need to tell you and those who are interested in hearing from your clients how very pleased I am with the experience I've had with you and what a significant milestone that experience has been on my journey of detoxification: In February of this year, I began learning of the serious effects of mercury toxicity and the variety of tolls it takes on the body. The more I learned, the more it became clear to me that I REALLY needed to get the mercury and the aluminum out of my mouth. And not only was it important for me to get it out, but AT LEAST EQUALLY important that I take good care in choosing the person who would take it out. I spent a month or more researching Dentistry and Biodentistry, sifting through conflicting information, evaluating each camp's take on toxicity and protocol, reading testimonials and recommendations, speaking to a dentist from the Huggins' Alliance and ultimately consulting my own conscience to come up with my next move.

What I knew was that I wanted a Biodentist and I that the nearest one to where I lived was 4 hours away. I had 7 toxic amalgams (that I knew of) located in all 4 quadrants of my mouth. To have each quadrant done separately would have been time consuming and expensive. Prohibitively expensive.

And then I found Dr. Lagos' website . . .

I began communicating with Zury, Dr. Lagos' assistant, via e-mail in April. I had many (many, many) questions, all of which she answered promptly, thoroughly, and kindly. She walked me through Dr. Lagos' Protocol (also Dr. Huggins' Protocol) for amalgam removal--having my compatibility lab work drawn and sent off to the lab to ascertain which materials would be most compatible with my body chemistry, ordering and taking the supplements several weeks in advance to prepare my body for the amalgam removal--as well as arranging for transportation to and from San Diego Airport and securing reservations at the hotel (2 blocks from Dr. Lagos' office). I was able to make all of the arrangements via e-mail, and I remained in contact with Zury up until 3 days before I was to arrive in July. I was anxious, as I would be making the trip on my own and was concerned whether or not I would be able to manage without a caregiver. Zury assured me that I would be safe and that they would assist me in any way that they could.
My journey to Tijuana lasted 3 days. The shuttle service that Dr. Lagos recommended picked me up in downtown San Diego on Sunday afternoon at exactly the time we had set and took me directly to the hotel without any difficulty. The hotel was very pleasant, clean, quiet and had everything that I needed. I ate my last bit at 9 p.m. that night and slept well. Monday morning, I walked to Dr. Lagos' office (7 minutes) and Zury met me at the door. The first thing I noticed (beyond her kind smile), was the absence of "that smell of the dentist's office" that has always made me nauseous. Also missing was the Barry Manilow music that apparently comes with the smell (which may share some of the responsibility for my nausea :)

After filling out a bit of paperwork in the waiting room, I was shown to the exam room for x-rays. The room was pleasantly lit and all of the equipment was at least as sophisticated as that of the dentists in my hometown. After the x-rays were taken, Dr Lagos came in and introduced himself. I found him to be genuine, warm, and humble--and to be missing the hurried, authoritarian air that I've become accustomed to over the years. After he measured each of my teeth, we sat at the monitor and discussed each of the amalgams that needed to be removed (it turns out I had 9 instead of 7). He sat with me and answered all of my questions regarding what I could expect both short and long term following treatment, how I could take care of my teeth and gums in the future, and general detoxification. And when I was at ease and ready to proceed, we went to the procedure room where the anesthesiologist was waiting for me. To put it succinctly, I hate needles. And I'm a hard stick. And honestly, I was probably more fearful of the IV stick than the rest of it. I must tell you it was the easiest stick of my life. And soon afterwards I was very comfortable . . . What seemed like half an hour (but was actually four hours) later, the procedure was over and the acupressurist was waiting for me in the next room. After 30 minutes of treatment, much of the numbness and haziness of the medication had lifted and I had NO PAIN. None. I had read testimonials of previous patients saying that they experienced no pain, but I hadn't quite believed it up until now. The only discomfort I ever experienced was a bit of jaw soreness from having my mouth open for 4 hours. Aside from that, I never needed to take so much as an aspirin.

I was taken right to the door of my hotel where I spent the rest of the day relaxing on my own. Tuesday morning, I came back for a follow-up appointment to smooth out the fillings. I spent Tuesday afternoon walking down to the beach and reading in the courtyard of the hotel. And Wednesday morning, I was on a plane on my way back home.

I left feeling assured that I had made a wise decision in coming to Dr. Lagos and a month later, I feel even more so. Even if I hadn't saved several thousand dollars (and I did), I would still say that I had made an excellent choice. Somehow, I did not expect to feel the alleviation of the symptoms that I had suspected were related to mercury toxicity so immediately. But even a week after the procedure, I felt clearer--as if a vague, sticky and long-standing haze has been lifted off of me. For me, my mood has tempered and my energy level has risen. This translates into my life as such that I am able to deal with challenging situations more smoothly, and I am able to accomplish a good deal more in a day than before. These changes may seem subtle on paper, but from my point of view my life has taken a marked turn in the direction that I've been trying to move toward for several years. It has been a month now since the procedure, and I am finding myself at a deeper level of detoxification. I am able to get down into the "cracks and crevices" now that the larger funk has been "washed off."

And so I thank you from my heart and hope that you do truly know what real and positive effects your are having on those you treat. I do recognize and appreciate the large decision you have made in your practice of dentistry, and I hope that you will always feel that it was the correct one on every level.

Most sincerely,
Allison Pulsipher
Knoxville, TN

August 10, 2010
Dear Dr. Lagos,

It is now 3 weeks since my oral surgery and I’ve been meaning to write to tell you how well my healing is proceeding, and how positive my experience was of the care I received in your office. Only knowing about you indirectly through the Huggins Alliance, and Dr. Tom Levy’s reference on his website, I approached my trip to Tijuana with a little trepidation; when I learned that the work needed was more extensive than I had expected, I nonetheless felt very comfortable with the treatment plan you proposed, as you explained in detail what was needed and why. Your ‘state of the art’ office also impressed me. You can count me as one of your very satisfied patients. The 16 cavitation sites and 7 extractions (5 with root canals), which the 4 ½ hour procedure involved, couldn’t have been easier from my point of view. I left Mexico the following day and had very little bleeding, no swelling, and no discomfort whatsoever. The friends I visited were astonished that I was so well. 8 days following, the last stitch fell out, and my gums have continued to heal nicely, still with no discomfort whatsoever. You, the anesthesiologist who managed the sedation, and your entire staff made my visit a pleasure. Thank you for providing such excellent dental services and for helping me to feel comfortable and confident throughout the experience. Despite the lengthy trip from my home in Tennessee, it was entirely satisfactory and actually a pleasure, and again, for all you did I thank you very much. I will look forward to my next opportunity to use your services and will recommend them heartily to my friends.

Bruce MacLaren
Tazewell, Tennessee

August 5, 2010
Hello everyone,
This is a very overdue thank you for the EXCELLENT work and care you gave Gary and myself throughout our dental revision.  I can't believe it is actually over.  Even though there was much to accomplish in three visits, we are very thankful to have traveled from Florida to Mexico.  There are so many health improvements which keep building.  After the work, we realized just how compromised our bodies were, emotionally and physically from all the toxins and how quickly our bodies started to heal afterward.  The absolute truth is we both know the dental revision performed by Dr. Lagos (and staff) was nothing less than health and life saving.  With our deepest gratitude, thank you!!  

Catee & Gary Ingwersen

The Center for Biological Dentistry offers a calm, comfortable atmosphere for state-of-the-art dental procedures in the beach area of Tijuana, approximately 5 miles west of the downtown area. Dr. Lagos gives each patient his personal attention during all phases of treatment with an exceptionally good mix of clinical skills, attention to details, patient communication, conscientious care, honesty, patience, and traditional Mexican courtesy. Patients receive a complete itemized list of estimated charges prior to treatment and must pay in advance; but honest refunds are provided immediately if actual charges are less. Three members of my family have truly found it a pleasure to make multiple visits to Dr. Lagos and his staff for treatment of cavitations, amalgams, and crowns. We recommend the Center for Biological Dentistry without reservation to anyone who places high priority on preserving personal health with safe dental materials and biological treatment protocols that were developed by Dr. Hal A. Huggin s. Dr. Lagos has mastered these protocols.

The recommended shuttle service from the US parking lot or San Diego (US) trolley station is courteous, reliable, and punctual.

Alan Rathsam
July, 2009


I highly recommend Dr. Lagos and his wonderful staff to anyone who wants top quality biological dentistry work done at a reasonable price. I have known of the dangers of mercury fillings for many years and have had many of my mercury fillings removed by a dentist who claimed to be biological. Sadly, she did not take the necessary steps to protect me when she was removing the mercury and I believe it actually contributed to my serious health problems. It is important to go to a dentist like Dr. Lagos who not only takes all the necessary precautions but also replaces the fillings with material that is compatible to your body. My so called "biological dentist" put materials back in my mouth that my body was very allergic to. Dr. Lagos had to remove all these highly reactive materials and replace it with dental materials my body could handle. Unfortunately, my dentist had also done four root canals in my mouth which Dr. Lagos did a great job on my teeth. Although I had all my root canals pulled at once and a great deal of dental work done, I was still able to keep going and enjoy the sights in Mexico. This was a pleasant surprise because, based on other dental experiences, I was expecting to be feeling terrible for the week. Instead my husband and I had a great time and it was truly like a vacation. I had very little pain and discomfort. I was so amazed! On my second visit to Dr. Lagos for bridges and crowns, my two teenage daughters accompanied me to Mexico and they also got their dental work done. Thanks to Dr. Lagos and his staff, the girls and I had a wonderful time. Our hotel was within walking distance of the dentist office and the Pacific Ocean. We enjoyed walks on the beach and even saw some dolphins in the ocean, which was a highlight for us South Dakota dry-landers. We will continue to recommend Dr. Lagos to anyone who is interested in having biological dentistry done correctly. We don't even know of one dentist in South Dakota who can do the type of dentistry that Dr. Lagos does. We would have had to travel to Colorado and the price would have been three times as much. It was such a wonderful blessing that God had led us to a wonderful Christian dentist like Dr. Lagos.

Sue Labrier


It's hard to believe that almost a year ago I made my first trip to Tijuana to see Dr. Lagos.  I had 12 fillings taken out before I found out about Dr. Lagos by a good Dr. Huggins style dentist in Atlanta, Ga.  If I had to do it over again, Dr. Lagos would have done all my dental work.  I would have saved a lot of money and still got the top quality work that I wanted.  As it was, he removed two root canaled teeth and did the cavitation cleaning.  He also removed a third non-biologically compatible crown.  It had amalgam under it and he safely removed that.  He also replaced all my fillings (which were temporary fillings) with bio-compatible composite fillings.  I was a "little" (maybe more than a little) concerned about not speaking Spanish, how safe I would be traveling in Tijuana, and would the dental work be of the high quality I expect.  I couldn't have been more pleased in every way.  After four trips to get all my work done and staying overnight around the corner from Dr. Lagos' office each time, I was taking long walks each day, buying food at the local beach front restaurants, and enjoying the top quality work that Dr. Lagos did for me.  His staff all spoke English about as well as I do, the "La Playas" area where he practices is one of the better sections of town, and the cab driver, Alex, that Dr. Lagos recommends was super. He picked me up at the San Diego airport and got me right to where I wanted to go in Tijuana faster and easier than I could have imagined. Flying from Alabama three different times to get my work done By Dr. Lagos still saved me much money over driving only four hours to Atlanta, Ga.  My benefits from getting my last amalgam out and my two root canals out keep piling up.  I can for the first time in many years detox with out severe reactions from all the mercury and bacteria in my system.  I'm getting stronger and feeling better all the time.  That's going to help me for a long time to come, Lord willing.  The Lord Bless you, Dr. Lagos!


24 September 2007

I had recently retired from the U.S. Navy due to a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis.  Because my teeth had never been much of a problem in the past and I have good oral hygiene, I expected my first dental visit outside of the Navy to be routine.  Instead, the civilian dentist said several teeth needed to be refilled and a large molar needed to be crowned.  She also wanted to remove my sole composite filling and replacing it with amalgam, and would use amalgam for all other fillings as well as the crown!  She said composite fillings were inferior to amalgam.  As none of my teeth had been giving me problems and all existing fillings appeared to be intact, I questioned the need for so much work.  I also wondered if her practice was outdated, as I had found current research showing composite fillings to be equal and in some ways superior to amalgam fillings.  And, knowing that some believe the mercury from amalgam fillings to be toxic to the immune system, I was very fearful of adding more mercury to my already diseased body.

Knowing no other dentists, I suddenly remembered that my friend from our church, Dr. Ezekiel Lagos, was a dentist!  I knew Dr. Lagos to be a kind, gentle, and honest man, and was confident that his dental assessment would also be accurate and honest.  When I found out that Dr. Lagos was also a Biological Dentist, using no mercury amalgam, I knew that I had found someone who could help me!

Dr. Lagos assessment revealed that I DID need some dental work done, but NOT a crown.  And, he did not just tell me what I needed, he showed me with his state of the art diagnostic equipment.  For the first time in my life, I saw what my dentist could see.  Dr. Lagos showed me my teeth, detailed and much enlarged on the computer screen in real time, pointing out where fillings were leaking or decay had begun.  I ended up having all 10 of my existing fillings (9 of them amalgam) replaced with non-toxic composite fillings.  Dr. Lagos has gentle hands, and gave me the best local anesthetic I have ever experienced.  I did not desire any sedation, yet found myself napping through much of his work!

In the end, I was amalgam and crown free, with beautiful white (not silver) teeth at much less cost than the questionable and toxic dental work.  As an added bonus, the vitamin supplements Dr. Lagos prescribed prior to the dental work have helped lessen my MS symptoms so much that I have decided to continue them indefinitely.  I will never go to a dentist other than Dr. Lagos.  He has my complete trust and admiration.

Gail R. Sweet

Dear Dr. Lagos
August 5, 2005

It may sound odd, but I must say that the experience of having a massive and "complete dental revision" in your office in Tijuana has been very enjoyable, very wonderful. It has also been very inspiring, from the first contact by email last year.

From first to last you took time to answer all my questions and concerns thoroughly, by email and in person, explaining in detail your recommendations.

Since going to Tijuana--a new place for me--felt a bit strange, it was very helpful and comforting that your website provides excellent information about nearby lodging at Hacienda del Mar, Yogurt Place for healthy meals and also reliable car service from San Diego.

When I arrived for the first appointment in December, the tranquil atmosphere of your amazingly well set up office was reassuring and calming. Alex's friendliness, competence and simple kindness are a treasure.

I felt immediately complete confidence when we met and I saw your calmness and straightforwardness. I do so admire your fearlessness in the face of so big a project! The sedation and your great skill made the tremendous amount of work not only bearable but painless in the chair. Your care after I woke up and your clear instructions for managing any discomfort protected me from both pain and worry.

When I later broke a temporary bridge while traveling in South Carolina, I was able to reach you immediately on the phone and talk over the problem.

After you installed the permanent teeth, you were very patient and thorough doing the calibration, with an excellent result.

I will always be grateful to you for doing this work, and for your understanding and kindness. It is a precious blessing to have had this experience.

Sheila Low-Beer

Dear Dr. Lagos
September 20, 2004

I had been ill for several years. The medical doctors were baffled as to why I was chronically fatigued, experienced aching teeth, brain fog, insomnia, depression and an inability to lose weight. Additionally, I had mood swings and hormonal imbalances. While researching chronic fatigue syndrome on the internet, I was linked to sites about chronic mercury poisoning. Incredibly, the list of symptoms from those suffering from mercury poisoning matched most of my own.

When I asked my non-biological dentist to remove my thirteen mercury fillings--some badly corroded--he told me that there was nothing wrong with mercury fillings. "Me and all my staff have them," he said. "And we're all fine." While he was speaking, I noticed a sign on his wall that gave this warning: Amalgam fillings contain a chemical element known to the state of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. I reasoned that if mercury was potent enough to cause reproductive harm, conceivably it could cause harm to other systems of the body.
Another non-biological dentist I consulted also failed to see a connection between illness and mercury amalgam fillings. Even when one of these dentists considered taking out my mercury fillings, he had no safe method of doing so. I know that mercury vapors released into the air during the removal of the mercury from the teeth are very toxic to anyone who breathes them in.

Thank you Dr. Lagos for your expertise as a biological dentist and for removing this toxic substance from my teeth safely and painlessly. Since the removal, many of the symptoms that had plagued me for years, have now diminished and some have disappeared. I have increased energy, improved mood and no more achy teeth and gums.

Margaret P.

Dear Dr. Ezekiel N. Lagos and Staff
June 29, 2004

It has been several months since you helped us with our seven year old daughter Anidal. The decay of her baby teeth had presented a real problem for us as parents because of her handicaps we were unable to find a dentist who would perform nontoxic dentistry. Because of what we know of the hazzards of conventional dentistry in the U.S.; and our daughter?s congenital birth defects we did not want to leave her with a mouth full of trouble that would weaken her already fragile immune system.
Thank you and your staff, your anesthesiologist, and the Oasis hospital for the excellent care you provided for Anidal. She has prospered in good health since your care for her. We feel so fortunate to have been able to bring her to you. You are an excellent dentist, highly skilled and knowledgeable and we take delight in referring others to you.

Very Truly Yours
The Carvers

Dear Dr. Lagos:
June 22, 2004

I am so impressed by my first 2 visits to your office to remove 5 root canals and cavitations and place a temporary partial. I experienced 0 pain and the magnet works remarkably well to relieve pain days after the surgeries. I would recommend you to my friends and loved ones. I would recommend you to everyone who wants to cleanse their systems/immune system with the removal of infected root canals and toxic metals. I've been aware a long time of the dangers of mercury but just learned this year through the Gerson Institute of the root canal cover-up and of the work of Dr. Huggins in the USA and you Dr. Lagos in Mexico.
My root canal work began about 20 years ago and little did I know that it would be the beginning of my worst health problems. I've had 7 in all (2 more to be removed by you as I write this). I have suffered with an elevated WBC for no found reason and one root canal you removed 2 weeks ago was done twice by two dentists. I've had migraine headaches and ear infections for years on that side of my head. I could feel my head and sinuses draining for several days after the extractions. I am eternally grateful to you Dr. Lagos and your staff and that I was able to find and access the care and treatment needed to save my life! I would gladly encourage others to seek you out to get the care they need.

Carol Gerard

Dr. Lagos' work was excellent, perhaps better than the top-notch dentists I've seen in New York City, and a fraction of the price. Do the oxygen sedation if you can afford it, it makes the dental work seem like you were just sleeping and so easy.


I will recommend Dr, Lagos and his capable staff for the removal of mercury and excellent dental work in general with materials that won't make you ill afterwards. I had many amalgam fillings replaced and have rid myself of annoying feelings of being "under the weather" and the usual cold I caught every winter, too. His office and treatment area are clean, comfortable and the work is quick and painless. I encourage people with the usual mouthfuls of mercury to consider having the work done by Dr. Lagos. It's affordable and among the highest quality dental work of its kind.

Angel Price.

My name is Martha. My husband Eddie and I live in Arizona with our seven children. I have had several health challenges for many years, and through my research and prayer, I came to believe that I needed to have the mercury removed from my teeth. I was so afraid of having this work done. I was afraid of pain. I was afraid of using a dentist that didn't use the proper precautions and protocol while removing the mercury out of my teeth. I actually spent over 2 years reading and researching my plight. I interviewed at least a dozen biological dentists. Expense was also a concern for me, although I was not willing to sacrifice safety in order to save money.
Finally, I decided to place myself in the hands of Dr. Lagos. Even though I was still so scared, I had great peace in my decision to use Dr. Lagos as my dentist. As far as I could see, he had all the protocol and state of the art equipment to be necessary for my safety and success. My experience with Dr. Lagos and his staff was greater than I could have imagined.
I felt like I was being taken care of by angels. They never tired of my endless questions and fears. They were patient, and kind, and never short with me. I felt NO pain! My recovery has been with minimal discomfort. I am amazed. Not only did I find Dr. Lagos to have all the important equipment and protocol to insure my safety, I actually saved thousands of dollars in the process. Dr. Lagos even helped me with information about the important issue of further detoxification after I left him. I highly recommend Dr. Lagos, and am looking forward to seeing him again for follow up visits. Please feel free to call me.

Martha Rehrmann.

When the treatment began I found the sedation to be a Godsend. I have always had a fear of the drill, and being sedated eliminates that fear. It is very relaxing and the stress that is normally part of dental work doesn't factor in. You just doze and when you wake everything is done. I highly recommend sedation!
I was also very impressed with your procedure in removing the amalgam fillings and crowns. After the first session I had with you, I could feel a tremendous difference in the way I felt. It was as if someone had pealed away a layer of illness from my body. Words fail me to adequately describe it. The dental work I had received prior to seeing you [nickel placed under crowns, amalgam left behind under crowns, excess drilling of my teeth for bigger fillings] were the cause of many of my problems. You repaired all of it with no pain and very little discomfort. That was indisputably a first for me!
I would also like to comment on your above and beyond the call of duty attitude that you and your staff have. Not only did you do a professional job on my mouth, you also made sure that my stay in Mexico was as pleasant and stress free as possible.
I would also like to make myself available to personally speak to any prospective patients. Please feel free to give my phone number out to patients that are serious about you treating them.

Forever grateful,
P. Cooney

I wish to say to all who may read this that When Dr. Lagos first told me that he would be completing my dental treatment in only four three-hour sessions, four days in a row, I was scared that at the end of those four days I would be in bed for three or four more days with ice packs all over my face.

NOT THE CASE AT ALL ! He completed his work with me shortly before noon on 7-6-01. By 4:30 that afternoon my wife and I were on a "Harbor Cruise" in San Diego bay having a great time. The next morning we were up and out the door again to enjoy one more day of this awesome area. NOT ONCE from the day I first set foot through the front door of Dr. Lagos' office until now (7-21-01) have I experienced any pain or discomfort whatsoever. I am just amazed. Day one, I had numerous mercury fillings removed and replaced with biocompatible material. Day two, I had several cavitations done (for previous extractions by other dentists) in my upper and lower jaws. Day three, I had 5 extractions and the cavitations on the upper jaw and was fitted with a temporary partial. Day four was four more extractions and cavitations and was fitted with temporary partial for lower jaw. Totally PAINLESS people - - I am not exaggerating even a little. I also want to give my highest regard for Dr. Lagos assistant who is a licensed nurse. She made me feel so comfortable and with very few words, wiped my fears away. Is 1000 or more miles too far to go for excellent biologically correct dental treatment ? - -NOT AT ALL !!

Jeff Stewart

"I had exploratory cavitation surgery with Dr. Lagos, who is fluent in English and Spanish. I was delighted with his services. I felt no pain or discomfort, before or after the surgery. Dr. Lagos is Huggins trained and recommended. He uses state of the art equipment, and his procedures are completely mercury-free. Dr. Lagos uses a continuously running ozone air filter, gas masks for himself and his staff, rubber dams, oxygen via nasal canula, and Vitamin C intravenous solutions. Dr. Lagos also uses state of the art materials, and a digital x-ray machine with computer printouts. He measures electrical currents and removes fillings from highest to lowest output. My 73 year old mother had seven crowns with amalgam underneath, and eight fillings replaced by him in four consecutive sessions. She seems to be doing just fine, amazingly. Dr. Lagos is very gentle, considerate, and has a good sense of humor. His fees would likely be doubled in the United States."

Anne Marquez

"Thank you for your excellent care involving my recent total dental revision which included the extraction of two infected root canals, a bridge and twelve crowns. I also want to thank you for the complete lack of pain after the extractions. That, to me, was amazing. Since getting all the mercury amalgams and toxic metals out of my system, as well as the root canals, my energy level has soared. I run upstairs now because I want to, and can walk as fast as my husband does. I feel that I have the same energy level I had when I was 30 ( I am now 69 years young).
Your office procedures and your use of advanced equipment and technology impressed me greatly. I am familiar with dental offices, practices and equipment because my father was a dentist, and I worked for him and for five other dentists in California. Also, your choice of the replacement material and cement for the total dental revision based on compatibility tests with my own blood serum gave me a high level of confidence for my future health.
The reason I decided upon a total dental revision was the initial health problem of breast cancer. I learned of you and total dental revision while undergoing postoperative metabolic therapy. I then read Uninformed Consent by Drs. H.A. Huggins and Thomas Levy and Root Canal Coverup by Dr. George E. Meinig and other books exposing the facts regarding the poisonous effects of toxic metals (including mercury) and root canals on our bodies. I saw a direct link from my infected and toxin-generating mouth to breast cancer. The two root canals you removed were in teeth that drain to the left breast where my cancer was found.
I have recent clear reports regarding my breast cancer from my U. S. doctors and I continue with the metabolic therapy and diet at the Oasis of Hope Hospital. Finally and again, I want to thank you and your staff for your professionalism, technical knowledge, dedication and kindness.

Katheryn Kelty Krzycki.

I had total dental revision by Dr. Lagos in April, 2000. He removed implants, root canals, cavitations, and amalgam fillings. My health has steadily improved since then. I highly recommend Dr. Lagos for all non-mercury dentistry. He and his entire staff were professional and caring in every regard. I will definitely be returning to his clinic for any future dental work.

Dora Carman

I knew I had to make the decision to have a total dental revision. My health -and my life- depended on it.
In the 1 1/2 years since I was officially diagnosed with mercury toxicity, I had had all mercury amalgam fillings and all metal crowns replaced. I still had surgery to undergo. I had several teeth with root canals and many cavitations to be cleaned up. My husband also had two mercury amalgam fillings to be replaced.
I contacted the office of Dr. Hal Huggins for a list of biological dentists in several states. After dozens of calls my husband and I made the decision to travel to Tijuana, Mexico to the office of Dr. Ezekiel N. Lagos. It was the best decision we could have made!
His office staff is efficient and competent. His facility is top of the
line. And Dr. Lagos - well, I can't say enough about him. His work is to be commended. His concern for his patients is felt by everyone who enters his office. He consults with and studies with the experts in biological dentistry. He takes no shortcuts. We feel we received the best possible care.
In the months since my dental surgery, my health has improved steadily. I have Dr. Lagos to thank for his dedication to dentistry, his kindness and patience in treating me when I was so ill, and his willingness to go the extra mile when someone's life hangs in the balance.
Thank you, Dr. Lagos. And God bless you.

Margaret Stevenson,
Registered Dental Hygienist

As you know, I had so much work to be done, I was afraid it might be too overwhelming. However, you were able to organize and schedule everything perfectly, and completed it all in a timely fashion. I want you to know that since visiting your clinic, my health has improved steadily, especially, since you removed those last five cavitations. I also want you to know that I located a dental surgeon here in Florida that has the Cavitat machine. He checked all four quadrants of my mouth and confirmed for me that you had gotten all the cavitations out, and that there is no more work to be done. He was very complimentary of the extensive dental work you performed on my mouth including the partial plates, the crowns, and cleaning out those cavitations so thoroughly. He indicated all your work was first rate in every regard! My heartfelt thanks go to you, Dr Lagos, for all your good work.

Dora Carman

Dear Dr. Lagos: Obviously I am still here and doing quite remarkably well! .... For three years I suffered from one unexplained illness to another. Each time the doctors claimed my condition was so severe that death was imminent. No one addressed the cause until you. Since you removed my poisoned teeth:
1. No new symptoms have appeared
2. Severity of symptoms have decreased
3. I am getting energy back
....for the first time since getting ill in August of 1997 my improvement has been steady with no relapses nor additional unexplained diseases! I can't thank you enough for your excellent care. Very professional.... I've been telling all that I meet about your great and natural care... Later and may God bless,

Ray Butcher

Dr Lagos.
I wanted to take this time to thank you and your staff for the wonderful treatment that I received at your office. I was a little concerned before I made the decision to come to mexico but after I read all the testimonials of other patients I knew I made the right choice. You are a honest man who treats his patients with care that truly shows. I had my silver fillings replaced, 1 root canal removed, and 2 bridges. All of this went so easy that coming to your office was always a pleasurable experience. If any one would like to call me I would be glad to give them any information on going to playas. It is a very nice town, I have been there 3 times and enjoyed each stay. My phone number is (215) 771-0247. I live in Pennsylvania which eastern standard time. Once again thank you.;
Take care.
Norman Tasey



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