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Covid 19 Prevention Protocols

Biological Dentistry Tijuana

For staff:

  1. All staff members arrive with a face mask and sterilize their shoes before entering.
  2. Upon entering all staff members clean their hands with hand sanitizer, place their belongings in plastic bags, and put on shoe coverings.
  3. All staff members have their temperature taken by a staff member.
  4. All staff members wash their hands after they have their temperature taken.
  5. All staff members change to protective clothing and put on head coverings, protective gloves and face masks.

For visitors arriving to deliver goods or conduct business at the dental practice:

  1. All business visitors ring the doorbell and introduce themselves to a staff member via intercom.
  2. After given access, all business visitors arrive with a face mask and sterilize their shoes before entering.
  3. Upon entering the reception area / front desk, business visitors clean their hands with hand sanitizer.
  4. Business visitors may not go beyond the reception / front desk area.
  5. Business visitors leave deliveries inside a bag in a designated area, so that all deliveries can be sanitized before they are introduced into the office.

For patients and caregivers:

  1. Prospective patients are required to get tested for COVID-19 and email proof of negative test results to the following email, prior to being scheduled: drlagosoffice@gmail.com Once scheduled, patients will be pre-screened by phone for symptoms consistent with Covid-19 (fever, cough, and shortness of breath), recent contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19, or close contact with others who have symptoms of COVID 19.
  2. Patients experiencing COVID 19 related symptoms will not be admitted until they are cured and bring proof of negative test results. Any prospective patient who has contracted the COVID virus in the past will be asked to bring a letter from a medical doctor certifying that the patient is no longer in a contagious stage and can receive dental treatment, including dental surgery.
  3. Only one patient per day will be treated at our dental office, and only one caregiver per patient will be allowed.
  4. All patients and caregivers will arrive with a face mask and sterilize their shoes before entering.
  5. Upon entering all patients and caregivers will clean their hands with hand sanitizer, place their belongings in plastic bags, and put on shoe coverings.
  6. All patients and caregivers will have their temperature taken by a staff member.
  7. All patients and caregivers will put on head coverings and proceed to the waiting room or restroom if needed.
  8. Our office will provide patients, caregivers and staff with instructions on hygiene and cough etiquette. Instructions will include how to use facemasks (when needed), how to use tissues to cover nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing, how to dispose of tissues and contaminated items in waste receptacles, and how and when to perform hand hygiene.
  9. Once in the waiting room, patients will receive forms to complete and sign by a staff member.
  10. After the forms have been completed, a designated staff member will receive payment from the patient for services provided based on the previously given Treatment Plan and Estimate.
  11. After payment patients will be escorted into the dental treatment area and given the opportunity to use the restroom or change into disposable underwear (Depends) if they choose to prior to sedation.
  12. Once in the dental chair, the staff will cover the patient with a disposable blanket to protect the patient's clothing from any type of contaminants (viruses, germs, toxic dental materials that are removed).

For the dental office and dental treatment areas:

  1. All areas including the front desk, waiting room and dental treatment areas are sterilized with biodegradable disinfectants twice daily, since my practice only receives one patient a day.
  2. Waiting rooms are appropriately supplied with tissues, trash receptacles, alcohol-based hand sanitizer, and patients and staff have access to sinks with soap.
  3. Only patients and staff members are allowed in the dental treatment area.
  4. Caregivers may not come and leave as they choose. Caregivers who choose to accompany the patient to the dental office must remain in our dental office until it is time for the patient to leave. The caregiver may use the restroom, watch television, use the wifi available for communication, and have complimentary snacks, coffee, juice or water while waiting. No magazines are available in order to reduce the possibility of germ or virus transmission. Caregivers may choose to bring a magazine or a book of their own.
  5. Air purifiers are placed in various rooms and are in operation the entire work day.
  6. All dental equipment is sterilized daily and tools are sterilized daily in an autoclave.
  7. Disposable plastic barriers are used to protect work zones and equipment throughout the dental treatment area.

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